What Online Courses Will Teach You About Medical Coding And Billing

Medical Coding And Billing

There are exciting career opportunities available in the field of medical billing and coding. Demand for certified billers and coders is high, and is set to increase, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. One of the many reasons why this career path is so accessible is that you can get certified quickly by completing an online health sciences program, such as the ones offered by The Allen School of New York.

Understanding medical billing and coding

Healthcare providers use a standardized coding system as part of the billing process. When patients attend for medical treatment, they may want to pay for their treatment, or they may be partially or wholly covered by insurance. That means bills can be sent to the patient, to the insurance company, or to both. A medical billing assistant will prepare bills, and ensure they are sent to the relevant parties.

Medical Coding And Billing

All examinations, treatments and medications have a unique code. When medical staff see patients, they make a written or audio note of chargeable items. These are then passed to a medical coding assistant. He or she will convert the data into standard codes for each chargeable element. The record is then passed to the billing assistant for further processing. In many cases, the same individual will handle both coding and billing.

Once bills have been issued, the medical billing assistant will follow up on them to ensure they are paid. If there are any issues, the medical billing assistant will liaise with patients or insurance companies to sort out the problem. If it becomes clear that a patient is not going to settle, the medical billing assistant will take further action, perhaps passing the bill on to a collection agency.

Getting certified online

Your online course will introduce you to the medical terminology you will need to understand. Note that you do not need prior medical experience. Neither do you need any formal qualification to get started. Medical coding requires attention to detail, and you will need to self-motivated to complete your online course.

You will learn how to run the computer applications used in medical billing and coding. You will also become acquainted with the HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act). This part of your course covers various legal issues related to medical billing and coding, such as data protection.

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