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Reduce Your Belly Fat within Weeks

Body Contouring

The aging process has become identical with the declination in lean body mass or LBM and increase in fat mass or FM. This association with aged people has harmed a lot in today’s generation risking health and vitality. The loss of LBM shows a twenty percent decline between the ages of twenty-five to sixty-five, with the loss of skeletal muscle more rapidly than non-skeletal muscle. Skeletal muscle is an important part to hold the overall mobility and physique. After six months of testosterone medication, most users see an increase in fat-free mass of over fifteen percent and a twenty percent increase in lean mass. There has been a lot of research done on the Downward Cycle of Aging and the result shows that the medicine lowers body fat by twelve percent, decrease fat mass by fifteen percent, decrease subcutaneous fat and visceral by twelve and six percent respectively and increase muscle mass and fat-free mass by twenty-two percent and seventeen percent, respectively.

Body Contouring

Top formations of the medicine

Testosterone-Propionate is one of the most popular and original formation found in the market. This type of formation is defined by the fast-acting ester. It is named so because it contains an ester named Propionate. The results and effects caused by this formation will largely be identical in all other forms but it matters in the half-life, where it shows the highest degree. Most performance enhancing athlete injects this formation on an everyday basis in order to maintain stable platelets, RBC and WBC. The Test-Prop formation is used to control the water retention in your body. All other formations have the same ability of water retention but are very diet dependent. On the contrary, the users for this form reports less water retention compared to others. There is no doubt that, this simple hormonal compound is one of the important compounds of manytreatment centers for men. It is recommended that you go for a doctor’s prescription before choosing the Test-Prop. This is because a doctor knows well about your health condition and prescribes you the best form of administration for the formation.

The libido link of T

It is important to notify that ninety-five percent of the testosterone in a man’s body is bound to a protein molecule and therefore it is ineffective in metabolic. The impact of testosterone hormone on the sexual drive is determined by a number of free hormones. They are metabolically active inthe treatment centers for men. They are also capable of increasing libido. For males, it is about five percent and for females; it is about one to three percent. Taking the medicine helps the vaginal tissue remain elastic and stays lubricated. The hormones produced by the ovaries fluctuate during the menstrual cycle. Millions of women have used this treatment for the symptoms of both natural and surgical menopause. Hormone therapy combined with progesterone helps menopausal women fight against heart disease, bone loss, mood swings, flashes, and sleeplessness. The women’s sex life becomes healthy curing vaginal shrinkage, dryness, and loss of elasticity.


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