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Let Your Lips Tell Pleasant Story Of Your Life

advanced lip fillers treatment

Mouth areas and lips are the most noticeable area of the face which tells the story of your life almost instantly. The lines and wrinkles with thin and aged looking lips give you tired, stressful and aged appearance even when you are not so.

The thinning of lips and appearance of fine lines and wrinkles are both a part of the ageing process. When you reach the age of mid-30s to 40s nearly half of the natural supply of hyaluronic acid is reduced in your body. It naturally occurs in your body that keeps your skin and lips moist from within while keeping them firm, fuller and hydrated.

advanced lip fillers treatment

The advanced lip fillers treatment

Fortunately, you have a choice to restore your plump and fuller lips. The advanced dermal fillers used for lip augmentation London when utilised in a skilful and wise manner gives you outstanding results. The most prominent effect of loss of hyaluronic acid in your body appears in the form of lips thinning.

The new fillers generation is generally composed of latest hyaluronic acid based fillers which effectively address the issue of thinning lips and remove the fine lines around the mouth area. These are injectable fillers which takes just a few minutes to eradicate the problem.

Treating smoker’s lines with dermal fillers

In addition to thin lips, another common concern with ageing in the mouth area is the appearance of smoker’s lines. These are the fine thin lines that appear around the mouth edge. Initially, you may observe these lines when your lipstick starts to bleed from the mouth sides. These lines not just appear around the mouth of those who smoke but some are naturally prone to the appearance of these lines especially those who are too talkative or smile excessively. The sooner you spot them the better it is to get the dermal fillers treatment for smoker’s lines.

Treatment of Cupid’s bow

In some people, as they get older, their cupid’s bow becomes less defined. It is a natural component of the ageing process but people often find it unpleasant as they want to have contoured and beautifully defined lips. The formation of Cupid ’s bow include the philtral columns which naturally become flat with ageing making it less prominent. The use of hyaluronic acid dermal filler injections in the Philtrum ridge can help in restoring this area and may even augment it. This helps to give a well-defined and contoured shape to the upper lip area.

Treating lines around the nose and chin area

Lines that appear around the mouth area like marionette lines which appear from the mouth and move towards the chin or nasolabial folds which move from the nose towards the mouth can be treated in the best way with the anti-wrinkle injections and dermal fillers combination. The anti-wrinkle Botox injections help to lift the area while dermal fillers help to decrease the lines.

The important thing while you plan to have the lip fillers augmentation treatment is an initial consultation with your practitioner. It is not about the type of lips you want to achieve but also about how much lip augmentation will enhance your natural facial appearance. If your practitioner goes beyond what is actually required, it will result in unpleasant results.


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