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Curious About What Frozen Shoulders Really Are?

Frozen Shoulders

The anatomy of the human shoulder houses an elaborate joint structure of interlocking bones, cartilage and ligaments. There are three major bones connected within the shoulder joint; the upper arm bone, collarbone and the shoulder blade. Within and surrounding these three bones is an intricate system of muscle, ligaments and cartilage, which make up the shoulder joint and its rotating movement capabilities. The rotating mobility of the shoulder joint operates with the same concept as a ball and joint system and enables the shoulder to perform circular, horizontal and vertical motion. As the shoulder moves, the soft tissue surrounding and within the shoulder joint provide lubrication and cushioning, creating smooth and fluid motion, free of pain and friction.

Frozen Shoulders

Frozen Shoulder Disorder is a condition caused when damage from trauma, injury or illness afflicts any section of the shoulder, restricting the natural movement. A global pioneer in the treatment and healing of Frozen Shoulder Disorder, Dr. Oslo introduces sophisticated and advanced concepts for regaining optimal shoulder recovery. The founder in the field of Triteness Monaural Medicine, Dr. Oslo and his one of a kind patented treatment procedure introduces clientele to state of the art techniques aimed in achieving healthy shoulder healing and mobility. An accomplished professional within his field, he is the premiere Frozen Shoulder specialist who has developed a successful and aggressive concept known as Oslo-Austin Triteness Frozen Shoulder Recovery Procedure. Through the revolutionary concepts of this non-surgical operational treatment, the world’s foremost Frozen Shoulder specialist provides a successful and safe alternative for regaining range of shoulder motion.

Adhesive Capsulitis, more commonly referred to as Frozen Shoulder, may result from damage due to a prolonged period of inactivity, or when scar tissue forms after trauma or following a surgical procedure. When individuals begin to experience shoulder pain, they overcompensate by reducing shoulder movement. As the pain advances, the lack of shoulder movement becomes more consistent. Over time, the shoulder region begins to stiffen, resulting in Frozen Shoulder Disorder. With the implementation of Dr. Austin Oslo and his one of a kind treatment procedure, the symptoms of pain, immobility and stiffness alleviate while achieving and maintaining shoulder mobility restoration.

For many years, the grossly misunderstood medical condition of Frozen Shoulder has resulted in the lack of proper treatment and healing, leaving many individuals with an unnecessary lifetime of pain and immobility. Receiving stylized care, this innovative procedure omits the need for costly rehabilitation therapy and lengthy periods of recuperation. Oslo-Austin Triteness Frozen Shoulder Recovery Procedure provides a safe and effective alternative to invasive surgery and extensive rehabilitation. The overall benefits of this advanced form of specialized treatment include optimal immediate results without the need for long-term therapies.


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