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Change Your Lifestyle


What does is mean when you say change your lifestyle. The generally accepted meaning behind saying, ‘change your lifestyle’, means you’re eating, drinking and exercise routine. Now how do you know what to change? There is a process that one needs to undertake to make this change in your lifestyle. It is a four step process, which with hard work and dedication on your part will help you in achieving your goals- because let’s face it most people would like to be thinner, fitter and stronger.

 Step Number One – Set Yourself Goal soften we find at work, the work will not get done unless it is sitting on your desk or computer and in constant view. The reason being is it is nagging you and bugging you, reminding you that you need to complete the task. Now why not do the same for your goals? The first step in setting your goal is to set your target – this is generally a weight you would light to achieve. For instance, if you weight ninety kilograms and your target weight is eighty kilograms, then you need to loose ten kilograms. The average person will lose around two hundred and fifty grams a week, therefore your target needs to be forty weeks.


The reason one steps a long term goal is for one reason. Your body remembers patterns and will fight against you feeding yourself less or healthier foods. Therefore, the longer the period it takes to lose the weight, the more likely you will successfully keep the weight off in the future.

Step Number Two – Visit The Doctor The next step of any life changing event is to visit the doctors. The first doctor will help you understand a fully picture of your current health and how you need to proceed safely and successfully. The doctor will check your weight, blood pressure, and cholesterol levels so on until they can give you a full understanding on what your health picture looks like.

The second doctor you will visit is the dietician. A dietician will help you understand if your goals are realistic and attainable. Once this process is complete, the dietician will set out a meal plan for you to follow.

Remember when setting the meal plan with the dietician, you need to be brutally honest. If you do not eat something, tell the dietician and ask them to revise the diet plan so that there is more of a chance you will stick to the diet. The dietician will put together a meal plan based on your likes, dislikes, allergies and on the first doctor’s recommendation – for instance if your body is low in calcium, the dietician will add more dairy products and green vegetable, high in calcium, to your diet.

Step Number Three – Get Cooking Your diet officially starts in the kitchen. You need to understand in order to achieve your goals, you need to have a solid meal plan. The reason for this is if your intake is ten thousand calories, but you only burn eight thousand calories, what happens to those excess two thousand calories – they turn into fat.

A useful tip is to prepare your meals over the weekend and then instead of stopping at the take-out shop on the way home from work, you already have a ready-made meal waiting for you. All you need to do is take it out the freezer and place it in the fridge when you leave for work and by the time you get home, it will be defrosted and will take five minutes to warm up and then you are ready to eat.

Step Number Four – Get Moving Exercise – the more you get moving, the more change you will have of lowering your cholesterol, blood pressure and improve your mood. Research has indicated that a person who exercises for thirty minutes a day is more likely to have improved sleeping patterns, improved productivity at work and lower their risk of heart attacks and other illnesses – not to mention the weight loss you will see, and when the compliments come rolling it, it will all be worth it.

Remember the most important thing is to keep hydrated. You need to keep drinking water in order for your body to process your foods and keep you fit and strong – remember a hydrated body has a stronger immune system and is less prone to illness and injury. So say goodbye to the only you and say hello to the new improve version of yourself.


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