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Bioidentical Testosterone – The Best Anti-Aging Tool

Bioidentical Testosterone

Combating the aging process seems to be the most difficult task known to mankind perhaps because the body systems operate in an imbalanced manner if the hormones are not balanced. Therefore, the need for maintaining the balances of the natural hormones in the body plays a major role in maintaining a proper glowing skin. In such cases, bioidentical version of the testosterone plays a major role in regulating the bodily functions as desired. The bioidentical version is simply a molecule that is similar to the natural molecule in shape, structure and atomic quantities produced by the body.

Since the testosterone hormone has an energizing effect on the body experts usually recommend the bioidentical version to be applied during early hours of the morning. The cream or gel version should be applied on a dry skin and the skin area should be washed properly prior to application. Also, use of any body-lotions or anti-aging solutions should be avoided before using such bioidentical cream. It should be ensured that bioidentical testosterone should be applied over a large area, otherwise it may be absorbed too quickly by the body and will not last for an entire day.

Bioidentical Testosterone

Bioidentical vs. synthetic testosterone

Most users of testosterone tend to confuse between bioidentical and synthetic testosterone and often consider them to be one and the same thing. But it should be known that the difference between the two is dual fold. Since the conventional synthetic hormone is patented by pharmaceutical companies, the dosage may vary for different persons while the intake level for the bioidentical hormone remains the same for every user. Therefore, it does not create the need to determine the dosage level with accuracy. Another major point of difference is that synthetic hormones are not structurally similar to the ones produced by the human body which might lead to certain complications during absorption.

On the other hand, bioidentical hormones can mimic the effects of the endogenous hormones in the body rarely creating the risk of any negative impacts upon consumption. Therefore, theseare considered to be more effective on the biological pathways. Those who experience negligible side-effects may need to adjust the dosage intake a little for the desired outcome. The added advantage with the bioidentical types is that they are specifically tailored to meet the needs of each and every consumer irrespective of the dosage prescribed by pharmacists for synthetic versions.

Taking the help of a medical practitioner

Most doctors conducting medical tests for assessing the natural levels of testosterone in the body do not differentiate between the different forms of this hormone circulating in the bloodstream. This may create the chance of overlooking any major hormonal deficiency and may aggravate the problems of low testosterone levels in the body. Therefore, it is essential to get both the total testosterone and the freely circulating testosterone to be evaluated by an expert physician who specializes in bioidentical testosterone to proceed with the testosterone therapy with caution and avoid the imbalance of normal levels of testosterone in the body.


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