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Best Holiday Foods for Your Teeth

Foods for Your Teeth

This is the time of year where the holiday haze can catch up with you. It is the traditional time to enjoy family and friends; it is also the time of year when more stress can occur. Sometimes the food we eat this time of year is not always prepared in healthy ways. Avoid cooking with extra butter and sugar and you may have a healthier dish. But not all food you eat is bad for you. Some foods are actually good for your health including your smile. Here are the best holiday foods for your teeth.

Sweet Potatoes This is the season for sweet potatoes. They are one of the best foods to fight off cold and flu viruses. Sweet potatoes are great for your overall health, because there is a vegetable that has a high amount of vitamin A, C and B6. These little potatoes are loaded with potassium as well. The vitamin C is good for your body because it can help you look vibrant and young which will help maintain your skin. You will be youthful and can keep that glow.

Foods for Your Teeth

Sweet potatoes are healthy for your overall body as well as your teeth. The vitamin and minerals in them can help fight off any unwanted food particles that stick around in your teeth in the form of bacteria. Brussels Sprouts Brussels sprouts are a holiday favorite because they are also a great food for your overall health. Brussels sprouts have fiber, which are antioxidants and can help ward of sickness and disease.

One serving of Brussels sprouts has more vitamin K than the daily recommendation. Which can help you feel better and it improves your bone health and can prevent nerve damage. Your teeth are healthier because they will be stronger when you eat foods like Brussels sprouts.

Cranberries are a tasty food that are low in calories. They have a lot of vitamins, which can help your de-stress and feel better in your skin. When you eat cranberries they have a natural sweetness to them so you may eat less sugar. If you like cranberries, they are a perfect addition to many holiday dishes. You can enjoy the dried berries all year round.

Cranberries have antibacterial properties inside of them. This means that they can help prevent cavities. Some research proves that cranberries can also prevent heart disease and cancer. When you eat cranberries, your mouth produced more salvia, which can wash away bacteria in your mouth. Which in turn can reduce the potential for cavities.


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