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Be the Happiest Person You Know

Happiest Person

Can you actually be happier this season? We think yes, and we consulted with self-help authors and happiness speakers to address the needs for the fall season. Some people don’t realize that their happiness changes from season to season, with the weather, political climate and uncertain economic times; your mood can fluctuate daily. But fear not, here are tips to help you get back in the driver seat and make the most out of your fall.

Upgrade Your Wardrobe The cooler weather means it is time to pull out your favorite scarves, hats and long sleeve outfits. If you look at all your fall cloths and think blah instead of yeah, it is time for a closet makeover. Go to you must keep pieces and look at how those key pieces can mix and match with other styles. Then when you go shopping you will have a clear focus on what type of clothing will go well with the others you have at home. The trick when buying a new piece of clothing for your wardrobe is to make sure you can wear it on at least 3 different occasions.

Happiest Person

Clear Out Clutter Before you go shopping you want to clear out clutter. Most people wait until spring to do their deep cleaning but fall is a perfect time to get in and clear out. Start in your closet, look at clothing pieces you no longer wear then donate them. Then move onto your home office, your kitchen and any room that has accumulated stuff. The more stuff you have the more anxious you may feel. Less is more and for a happy home, you want less.

Spend Time with Friends in the cooler months, people often fall into hibernation. Without even realizing it you may be less social and avoid invitations for events. Reach out of your comfort zone and spend time with friends. Schedule lunch dates to break away from the monotonous daily routine. You could meet a friend for coffee or try something new together.

Try Something New If you feel down and out, chances are you are stuck in a routine. People who do the same thing over and over tend to feel bored after a while. Get out of your rut but trying something new. You could take a cooking class, go to a new restaurant, read a new book or take up a new language. If going out of your comfort zone seems scary you can start small and try to switch up a daily habit, maybe try a new toothpaste and buy a new toothbrush.


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