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BBQ – Family Favorites


On a hot spring, summer evening or weekend is there anything more satisfying than the smell of hot coals burning, good food, good friends and great times. The BBQ has become a familiar friend to all of us, each of us having our own methods of creating the perfect BBQ the perfect food, accompanied by drinks, cocktails and lots of laughter.

Most of us do not have the time to marinade our own fish and meats preferring to buy from our local butcher or high street supermarket who are happy for us to buy our BBQ delights in this manner. However, I have discovered that with a little time and effort you can create your own stunning BBQ food. With a little preparation even the busiest of us can create fantastic food at a fraction of the cost from high street stores.


Food for thought Take for instance a rump steak marinated in crushed black peppercorns and then refrigerated until 30 minutes to place on the scorching hot white coals. So easy to do and prepare and yet cheaper than the bought already marinated versions out there.

Chicken is a given at any BBQ and can be marinated in too many ways to mention however I have included a couple of my favorites for you to try.  Take a couple of cloves of garlic, a chilly or two (for those who like it hot) slice both thinly, then a little olive oil, and dry paprika. Mix altogether and place in a bag or dish, refrigerate until roughly 30 minutes away from cooking to bring up the temperature then cook. Trust me you won’t be disappointed.

Another chicken favorite is to marinade it with honey, garlic, spring onions. Again refrigerate then bring to room temperature before cooking on those coals. For those seafood lovers, place a whole sea bass in foil, place a teaspoon or two of Thai curry paste all over it and in the cavity wrap the foil over and seal. Then place on the coals, in 10 to 15 minutes you will have the most delicious Thai, fresh fish you have ever tasted.

Prawns can also be marinated with numerous combinations. You don’t even have to stick to the meats and fish I have mentioned, try lamb chops, pork, ribs to name but a few. You can also make delicious pods on the BBQ, take a banana in its skin, wrap in foil, and place on the coals, in roughly 10 mins take the banana off the coal skin and pour over hot caramel and ice cream or cream. A favorite with kids and adults alike.

Go On hope this has given you some ideas and has made you want to experiment and create delicious BBQ foods.  The sun is finally here so go on give it a try …. you know you want to. Bio: Jenny Cartwright is a busy mom, with three children to care for. Barbecue are a summer” to “The Barbecue is a summer “.  she has created many delicious fuss free nutritious recipes for her children family and friends.


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