Basic Information On Body Contouring

Body Contouring

Body contouring has traditionally meant the improvement of the shape or contours of the body via surgery. To date, liposuction has been the most common method of surgical procedure, best suited to removing isolated deposits of fat in smaller areas of the body. However, body contouring as a concept can also be extended to procedures which alter and improve the overall shape of a body, with a number of people opting for bariatric surgery in order to lose substantial amounts of weight.

People who have lost a significant amount of weight may also look to surgery to re-contour their body, since they may have amassed a certain amount of excess skin after losing the weight. This skin can occur anywhere on the body – from the neck to the thighs, arms and back.

Body Contouring

Disadvantages of Surgery for Body Contouring There are quite a few risks associated with plastic surgery to re-contour the body, and patients will need to take time to recover. There is also the risk of infection post-surgery to consider. Non-Surgical Body Contouring tends to be less expensive than treatments which require surgery, since there is no need to pay for a hospital stay.

Non Invasive Solutions for Body Contouring New treatments such as Ultra Shape and Vela Shape are non-invasive procedures which have been found to achieve great results, without the need for surgery, or recovery times. They are also virtually pain-free, and require no anesthetic.  The Vela Shape utilizes a combination of technologies including light and radio frequency energies, vacuum suction and mechanical rollers – to effectively manipulate the fat tissue layer of the skin. The heat from the emitted energies increases the metabolism, and shrinks the fat cells, while the suction element and rollers give skin a deep tissue massage, increasing circulation and resulting in smoother, less dimpled skin.

Significant results can be seen after just a few treatments with clinical studies showing an average 4cm reduction in body circumference. Post treatment, the advice to patients is the same as to those who have undergone liposuction – a healthy lifestyle is the recommended way to maintain the newly sculpted shape.



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