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Anavar Cycle – A Knowhow

Weight Training

Anavar is considered as mildest anabolic steroid and it is very safe to use. It is also recommended for women because of its mild nature. It is usually tolerated by majority of the women. This is the reason it is also known as Girl Steroid. But in case of men Anavar takes a bit more time to get the results. Majority of the individuals use this for their cutting cycles. It is considered as one of the quickly DHT oral anabolic steroids which helps in preserving the lean tissue as well as enhancing the metabolism.

Weight Training

Bulking and Anavar Cycle

When it comes to growing needs, most of the individuals believe that Anavar cycle is not a good choice. But it is suitable for off-season and growth phases. One good thing about anavar is the mass is gained by this steroid will be 100% lean tissue. When it comes to mass gains the hormone Oxandrolone (Anavar) is not the right choice.

One more thing is Anavar is comparatively a costly steroid. Since it takes a long time to build mass as well it is inefficient when we consider only building mass.

Women and Anavar cycle

Comparatively Anavar is best suited for female athletes than male athletes. It is the best steroid for females since it is tolerated by majority of them. If used properly there will not be any side effects for females. If they use it irresponsible then there is a chance that well tolerated virilization may occur Check out this website first.

Cutting and Anavar cycle

When it comes to use by men, it is best suitable for their dieting and cutting cycles. If one is aiming for a ripped physique then Anavar is the best choice for them. Since Anavar is very mild it is recommemded for cutting cycles. Otherwise it is not as efficient when compared to DHT steroids like Masteron and other steroids like Equipoise, Trenbolone, and Winstrol.

But in a mild way it will definitely result positive effects. In cutting cycle it helps in enhancing the metabolism and preserving the lean tissue even in a low calorie diet. Even though individual looks lean enough meantime he looks harder as well.

The recommended dose for men is 50 mg a day. This can be increased up to 80 mg a day. More than this it is not safer. Some people even go until 100 mg.

Side effects

Before starting any steroid cycle like Anavar one should always understand the possible side effects caused by them. There will be one or other side effects by almost all anabolic androgenic steroids. But if used properly, there will not be any serious side effects by Anavar. Hormones have the capacity to influence many bodily functions. Similarly even steroids like Anavar function and cause changes in the body.

It is always better to follow the recommended pattern to avoid side effects when using steroids. The doses and the duration must be followed properly. There will be adverse effects when an individual chooses higher dose than recommended for long period of time or he abuses it.


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