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8 Tips to Save Your Hair from Monsoon Dilemma

Monsoon Dilemma

We are amid monsoon and we all know with monsoon comes plenty of predicaments. These quandaries are indeed hard to deal with, but we ignore all these testing situations and pray God to rain and save us from the scorching heat of summer. And when it rains everything around you becomes green and vivid, and on the other hand your hair becomes dull and dead.

Nevertheless, this tsunami of Monsoon on your hair can be dealt with a number of homemade remedies and other Hair Care Products available in India:

Monsoon Dilemma

Tip No. 1 Take two eggs, mix them with two tablespoon of curd and squeeze of a half lemon and add a few drops of honey in bowl. After it mix it gently and apply it smoothly beginning from roots to the end. And after half-an-hour rinse your hair with sophisticated hand to get vibrant texture.

Tip No. 2Medical science tells us that hair is made of protein, so to have good hair you have to have a balanced protein diet. And that can be maintained by including some seasonal fruits, green leaves vegetables, and coconut water to your everyday meal. Use a soft band to tie your hair and avoid the use of clips made of metal.

Tip No. 3Try avoiding the use of colors or any kind of chemical treatments on your hair in monsoon season, for these chemicals react negatively to rain water and may lead to harmful consequences. Tip No.

 4Take a bowl, mix two tablespoons of vinegar with warm water and clean your hair with this regularly. By doing so it provides your hair with bright sheen and healthy hair.

Tip No. 5Frizziness is another issue that is faced by many in Monsoons; apply only cream based shampoos and conditioners. Use of hair masks for dry and frizzy hair helps your hair to get extra moisture, follow it at least for one or two months.

Tip No. 6Dullness of hair is something that each one of us must have suffered in our lifetime during Monsoon. To avoid this, apply oil in your hair every fortnight. Let it remain on your hair for approximately one hour and rinse it properly. For better results you can use exotic oils and paste that are available in market, but do take a notice about their ingredients, as long as they are herbal they will not do any harm effect.

Tip No. 7People with flat, light and thin hair worry about their appearance before Monsoons set in. The reason for this anxiety is the volume of their hair which squeezes dramatically in Monsoon seasons. Use protein based shampoos in alternate days.

Tip No. 8In Monsoons, oily hair is bound to be floppy. Using a light weight shampoo and conditioner will certainly help people with oily hair. Regular cleaning with light shampoos aid take away excess amount of oil from your hair.

Apart from above tips, there are a few more tips that may be useful: To smooth your hair, use a right kind of comb with wide teeth and elasticity. Before you comb hair, first untangle the strands at the end and then smooth them completely.

Prior to applying shampoo on your hair or scalp make your hair wet with warm water. Drink water in abundance to make your hair hydrated.


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