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4 Unique Benefits Increasing Testosterone Levels – Women Also Need Testosterone

Increasing Testosterone Levels

If you hear the word ‘testosterone’ probably comes to mind is the hormone that is associated with sexual activity. But the function of testosterone is not only for sexual things. Some people decided to receive a booster injection to increase their testosterone levels.

Apparently this hormone is not only affects behavior but also there are six other unique benefits derived from the high and low levels of testosterone in the body of an individual.

Increasing Testosterone Levels

  1. Take a woman’s attention

The team of researchers from Wayne State University compared two groups of men. Researchers found that men whose testosterone level is lower there is no possibility at all to approach the woman, the man opposite her high testosterone look more assertive, able to control the chat and more can be fit with a woman.

  1. Obtain the satisfaction of making love

According to a study in 2009 from the University of Michigan, women with higher testosterone levels reported having more positive sexual experience. The hormones made them feel about sex as a soothing and relaxing experience.Previous studies also showed that women who have a high testosterone levelshave more frequent sex and achieve orgasm.

  1. Adjust the passion with fertile couples

Do you know if the body can adjust to your testosterone levels peaked when your matecome to the menstrual cycle (fertile period)?

A study published in the journal Hormones and Behavior, researchers found that levels of testosterone a person reaches a peak every 28 days and also on weekends, a time where the men reportedly did a lot of sexual activity.

  1. BeMore Energetic and Optimistic

Men testosterone levels will increase up to35 percent in 60 to 90 minutes after watching the porn videos. This was revealed by a study in the journal Archives of Sexual Behavior.No wonder if they really enjoy. After watching the porn, the men reported increased energy and optimism.

Testosterone for Men

The hormone testosterone is a hormone which is identical to men. This hormone is also found in women, although it’s always up and down, especially when in herperiod. But its function for women is to increase energy and mental acuity.

What about men?Is testosterone hormone worked for his health? Men who have low levels of testosterone, generally weak in physical condition, such as fatigue, obesity and low metabolism. That’s why men decide to receive a booster injection of testosterone to increase the testosterone levels.

There are several benefits of having high testosterone levels for men:

  1. Muscle mass – testosterone hormone responsible for shaping his muscles naturally.
  2. Strong bones–Theabsorption of calcium in the men’s body man is faster and better because men’s blood contain testosterone hormone.
  3. Red blood cells– testosterone hormone helps produce red blood cells in the body.
  4. Hair– Formen, the growth of hair or fur on their body, such as beard, mustache, and legs is a sign of manhood. All (hair) that grows in men is certainly the effect of the hormone performance. However, it did not directly affect health.

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