Back Pain

10 Easy Tips to Get Relief from Back Pain

Relief from Back Pain

Back pain is a common problem that can happen to anybody at any time. It can be the outcome of over stress, strenuous tasks, menstrual problems, bad postures and so many other conditions. Even serious health conditions like chronic kidney diseases can be the reason for back pain. It becomes difficult to sleep when it’s paining in the back. However, you can get significant relief from back pain by following some easy steps and here they are.

Sleep better – While it’s paining, it’s difficult to sleep. And, it’s going to be a sadistic cycle because if you don’t get required sleep, your pain will get worse. A bad sleeping posture can also add to your pain. Lie on your side and keep a pillow between the knees as it keeps the spine in natural position and thus lessen strain on the back. If you sleep on your back, then keep a pillow under the knees. Make sure you sleep on a contentedly firm mattress.

Relief from Back Pain

Sit straight – Poor posture can make back pain even the worst, especially if you need to sit for a long while. Sit upright, rest your shoulders and avoid slumping on the keyboard. Keep a pillow, cushion or a rolled towel between your seat and your lower back. make sure you keep the feet flat on floor.

Consult a doctor – You will find two types of generic pain relievers in the drug counters – acetaminophen and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. Both types of drugs have side effects. So you must talk to your doctor before you take such medications. Take prescribed medicines in proper dose. Also don’t expect your medicines will work magically to eradicate your back pain overnight. You need more than just one single type of treatment.

Consult a physical therapist – Physical therapists are the best people to teach you how to properly stand, sit and move so that your spine remains in the right alignment and also alleviate strain on the back. They can also tell you how to strengthen core muscles that give support to your back. Studies have revealed that by increasing flexibility, strength and endurance, you can gradually get complete relief from your back pain. However, it’s a lengthy process.

Don’t let your achy back rest – There was a time when doctors used to prescribe complete bed rest for pain in back. Accordingly, to latest update in medical science, lying still is the worst treatment for back pain. It makes the pain even worse and leads to other severe and painful complications. So don’t rest your achy back for more than 2 days. However, you should not rush. Start moving again but slowly. Do light exercises like yoga, walking as this is the best and the most effective way to relieve back pain fast.

Try hands-on therapy – Do you think light massage can ease your pain? According to a recent study, back massage once in a week for at least a 10-week period can significantly improve your pain. Spinal manipulation can also be done to get rid of achy back.

With the advancement in medical science, now there are many treatments available for back pain like facet block injections, nerve stimulation, biofeedback etc. you may visit the official website of PMIR, to get more information on back pain remedies.


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